BWSC offers a wide range of services within all technical disciplines of diesel power plants such as:

  • Complete overhaul of diesel engines and auxiliary equipment – supervision only of complete overhaul with supervision and manpower (flying squad)
  • Repair and alignment of engine/generator
  • Maintenance, repair and upgrades.
  • Trouble-shooting
  • Engine inspection, and components (Cylinder liners, main bearing)
  • Camshaft replacement.
  • Plant performance evaluation
  • 24/7 marine and power plant emergency services
  • Upgrade of mechanical equipment across different systems on turn-key basis

  • Specialized service for MET and NIIGATA engines in Panamá and within all the Americas region. 
  • Oil, water and air cooler maintenance with ultrasonic cleaning.

  • Injector maintenance (Cleaning and test)

  • Fuel pump maintenance.

Check our Shipserv ID 242876

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